The truth about PageRank

What is PageRank?

Here is what Google says:

PageRank is the numeric value characterizing the importance of a page in Google. The more links to a page there are the more important it becomes. Besides the weight of the A page is defined by the weight of a link given by the B page. So PageRank is the method to define a page’s weight by calculating the importance of the links to it. PageRank is one of the auxiliary factors for site ranking in search results. PageRank is not the only but a very important way to define site position in Google search results.

How can I check the PageRank value of my page?

If you have installed Google bar, you’ll see the green indicator in your browser, showing the PageRank of your page. If you point the green line it shows the numeric value of PageRank.

How does PageRank affect site positions in search results?

Now it almost doesn’t. It was a time when sites with a higher PageRank were positioned higher than ones with a lower but it’s over. Now a great complex of factors affects the positions of your site. Google doesn’t recommend exchange links to raise PageRank. Google takes it as a cheating attempt. On the whole all attempts to buy/exchange links for your PageRank raise are just the waste of time (moreover it may do worse).

What negative effect can I meet buying PageRank?

High PageRank sites often get money for selling the links from their high-PageRank pages. If Google finds out that they are selling links as a way to raise someone’s PageRank and not just as an advertisement place (Don’t ask me how Google can define it but there are the facts that it can) then both the seller and the customer get penalty. It can be site positions lowering but not the PageRank change. So it’s all cool visually but as a result you stay where you were or even fall down. It happens not often but I know sites having PageRank 8 under this penalty.

I still want to increase my site PageRank

A site itself has no PageRank at all. It’s a page’s feature. That’s why the internal pages’ PageRank may sometimes be higher than the index page PageRank. The way the pages get their PageRank is the number of links to it from other pages. You should consider one more factor: the page’s PageRank is distributed between all the links appearing on the page. You’ll get more PageRank from a page with PageRank3 has only your link than from a page with PageRank7 with hundreds of links on it.

What links should I have to get PageRank 6 for my page?

It’s not easy to give an exact answer. One link from a strong PageRank 7 or a very strong PageRank 6 page will bring PageRank 6 to your page. Or hundreds of links from PageRank 3 and PageRank 4 pages are needed.

I added lots of links but I don’t see the raise of my PageRank.

There are some reasons why you can’t see the change. First of all you must have heard people saying ‘a weak 5’ or ‘a strong 5’. It’s not shown in the toolbar but you can imagine it as a PageRank change in the range from PageRank 5.00001 to PageRank 5.99999. You raise the PageRank in this range but you can’t see the difference in the toolbar. The second is that the worth of the PageRank value may change. For example you had 5.9 and gained 6.0 by adding some links but the PageRank worth has been recalculated by Google and now you have 5.9 again. Thirdly, the pages having links to your pages could be changed/deleted/lost PageRank.

How often does PageRank change?

PageRank itself is recalculated all the time and it’s done dynamically. But what we see in the toolbar is the import values of Google search engine. It is done once every 3-5 months.

I’ve passed through PageRank 4 to PageRank 5 easily but I can’t get PageRank 6 for half-a-year already.

The PageRank scale is non-linear but logarithmic. At first it seems that moving from PageRank 7 to PageRank 8 is as easy as from PageRank 1 to PageRank 2. But it’s wrong. It’s thousands times harder and needs lots of links.

My site has PageRank and I don’t want to give it to other sites.

To prevent PageRank loss you can use Java script for your links but the most working way as for me is ‘nofollow’ tag usage.

E.G.:  href=”” rel=”nofollow”

If PageRank means nothing why do all run after it?

It’s not totally right that PageRank doesn’t affect the search return. It affects some other things. For instance a site with high PageRank is more often visited by Google Bot for indexing. Some people think that PageRank affects search results for low popularity sites. This is about search application. Webmasters use high PageRank to sell links on their sites. The higher PageRank is the more money they get. And of course you show everyone that you’re cool.

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