The PageRank table

Many novices are interested in the so called site PageRank, or to be more exact, the Google PageRank citation index. Those who heard of it for the first time ask – why do I need it? PageRank is an evaluation mark defining the amount of the pages linked to it in an index value (meaning pages and not sites).

Though many people think that it means nothing the practice shows that when other marks in a searching engine are equal a site or a blog with a higher PageRank will be hanging higher in the chart.

To make it easier to remember (and understand), it’s enough to remember the third line (of the PageRank 4 condition):

1-3-18-101-505-3055, meaning:

1 page with a high PageRank (6 or more) allows getting the whole PageRank at once;

3 pages with equal PageRank will give the one level lower PageRank;

18 – equal PageRank;

101 – One level higher PageRank;

505 – Two levels higher PageRank;

3055 – three levels and so on..

To raise PageRank you can use some ways:

  1. You can buy a massive amount of low PageRank links and some of mid and high level at special burses. But almost all search engines today can define the bought links and they fight them very well.
  2. Exchange links with the partner sites. It’s a good way but you should be careful – one site has different PageRanks on its pages.
  3. Add the articles with the links to your site. Google prefers articles.
  4. Post in blogs. Google credits them well too (the more often the search robot (you can often see it among forum or blog visitors as indexes a forum or a blog – the more credit it gains)
  5. You can distribute subscriptions. They also matter. The archive of good distribution has some value.
  6. Buy signatures of active users with thousands or hundreds messages at forums. These signatures become your links (that’s why I recommend everyone make a TEXT link to your site not using different cool stuff).
  7. There are many other ways to raise your PageRank. There are the main ones.

I’ll get back to the question of the PageRank raise later.

Only because every regularly updated blog gets its readers and subscribers very fast and with time they will post a link to it somewhere, every internet-businessman should have a blog. And better more than one. Considering that you can’t deviate from the blog’s topic, having several blogs is often necessary. But don’t tell me that you don’t have time to spend hours in the Internet and so on. That’s bullshit. A few minutes a day and you’re readable. A few months and you’re famous. And if you monetize your traffic smart and/or place some ads in your blog – the income of it will double every 3-4 months.

This may be not interesting.

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