PageRanking improve factors

This note describes some parameters improve the pagerank in search engines and the way to raise it optimizing the ‘off page’. Everyone who made and published a site in the Internet is interested in its correct indexation by search engines to raise site emergence by relevant search requests. So make sure that all the pages are indexed by search robots.

The point is that robots can index only the pages within three clicks after the front page. To do this they have to follow the hyperlinks. Search robots can’t read the links made by scripts or placed in flash files and as a result they can’t follow them.

To avoid this problem you can do next: double the links made by scripts with the standard ‘<a href’ links where you need to use the anchor text and the ‘title’ tag, containing the keywords matching the page where the link follows. This will help to get several results: a search robot can read the link and follow it. And at the same time it will read the keywords of the page (check the density of your site pages keywords).

A site may have lots of pages and all of them may be reached within two clicks starting from the Front Page. To help a robot you can just make a sitemap. So after visiting the sitemap from the Front Page a user or a robot can get to any page by two clicks.

This will not only raise the PageRank but also it will improve site navigation for all users (usability).

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