PageRank Increasing for Search Engines

How to raise PageRank of the web-pages? This question is getting more urgent today. It’s all because this parameter affects the site position in search result list. Here I want to suggest you an easy way to increase PageRank of your pages only by small changes in them.

If you are carrying the problem of PageRank raise you should know the algorithm and that it may be raised only by the inner pages of the site. I mean, you can have many inner pages in one site with a link towards the Front Page. And so every of the pages will give some part of their PageRank to the Front Page. But the more outer links there are at your inner pages, the less of their PageRank will be given to the Front Page. So, you need:

  1. To have as many inner pages as you can;
  2. To have as little of outer links on your pages as possible;
  3. To link the inner pages with each other (relink) and all of them should have a link to the Front Page.

1 and 3 are often followed. Anyway as your site develops you’ll get lots of pages and to make your navigation easier they should be linked. As for the unit 2 – it’s not easy to keep it. For instance it’s impolite not to publish the link to the source of information. Or if you are holding a link catalogue you’ll have many of outer links on your page and the PageRank will be equally divided between them and as a result your Front Page will get a small piece.

I suggest you this way. Why don’t you use the <NOINDEX> tag? Many search engines read this tag and everything kept between <NOINDEX> and </NOINDEX> is not indexed. So it’s very convenient to lock all the outer links in this tag and the search engine will not know about them and your PageRank won’t be wasted. So the Front Page will receive more. In this way you can easily raise your PageRank and positions in search engines. And don’t forget to use tag ‘Rel=”nofollow”’ for the outer links.

Good luck to you.

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