Iteresting facts about PageRank

  • To get PageRank 5 when you have PageRank 3 or PageRank 4 is much easier than to jump from PageRank 5 to PageRank 6. So the higher PageRank is the more difficult it is to get it and it’s wrong to think that if you have bought 50 links to get PageRank 2 you need 300 more for PageRank 8.
  • For real the PageRank value is not what we got used to see: from 0 to 10. It’s used for the approximate marking. Google operates quite different values of PageRank in its algorithms.
  • PageRank is only one of the many factors affecting search results. A high PageRank doesn’t guarantee you the first position in search results by any request.
  • The PageRank value is affected both by external and internal links. So the internal relinking is important!
  • Site content and its updating don’t affect its PageRank.

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