Increase Google PageRank

As you know Google search engine is the most popular in the world. Web masters make sites for users to visit them. Search engines give them high popularity but your site will be visited if you are on the 1st-2nd pages of the search results.

PageRank gives the opportunity to raise your site in search results of Google.

Here is how it’s done:

1) At first a user enters the request.

2) Google searches the pages close to the request using its inner page ranking algorithms.

3) Every page receivers its relevance (request corresponding level).

4) After it the search engine corrects the search results using PageRank values for every found page.

5) Search results are showed out in a user’s browser.

So the higher PageRank is the higher it will be showed in search results and the higher is the probability of it to be visited. We have a straight proportion: raising PageRank raises site popularity.

We should consider that lately Google has reduced PageRank importance in ranking algorithm but PageRank is still important. It’s all because of massive attempts of cheating with PageRank.

NB! Don’t think that having a high PageRank your site will always be on top of search results. It’s because PageRank is not the main page ranking factor but an auxiliary one.

A site PageRank value is also considered by advertising companies. The higher PageRank you have the greater is the probability that the advertiser buys a place on your site. Once again we have straight proportion: the higher PageRank is the more money you can earn.

These are the main reasons why everyone is running after site PageRank.

NB! Site PageRank means the PageRank of its front page.

How is PageRank calculated?

The exact algorithm of PageRank calculation is known only to Google workers. And it makes sense as if it were published we could invent lots of ways to cheat with it.

But the lack of information about PageRank calculation algorithm doesn’t prevent from understanding of its sense:

1) If the A page links to the B page then A thinks B to be important.

2) The higher is the PageRank of A the greater is the ‘importance’ of B.

3) The more links there are to B the higher is the ‘importance’ of B.

Consider that neither link text nor the linking site content affect the PageRank.

Remember that the A page may not belong to another domain. So the internal links are also included in PageRank calculations for other pages of a site.

NB! If there is a link to your site looking like script.php?id=123 it makes no use.

Only the direct links take part in PageRank calculations. (looking like:

How can I know PageRank of a site?

The easiest way is to install the Toolbar of Google.

Now visiting a page of any site you’ll see the PageRank of the page.

See the site:

How to increase PageRank?

Of course you need to exchange links. There are many exchange schemes. Some are effective, others are not.

A simple scheme:

1. Find resources willing to exchange links with you.

2. Divide the resources into 3 equal groups.

3. The first group links to the second one.

4. The second to the third.

5. The third to the first.

A complicated scheme:

1. Find resources willing to exchange links with you.

2. Every resource gets a page with 5 links that must be placed in this resource.

3. Every resource finds 5 willing to exchange links and sends them the page with 5 links where the last position is taken by its link with description.

Obviously you need to exchange links with high PageRank sites.

Pay attention to the key moments:

1) The exchange will be of no use if you make counter links, i.e. the A site makes a link from its A page to the B page of the B site and the B site makes a link from its B page to the A page of the A site.

2) The exchange will be useless with the pages having 5 or more backlinks. The weight of such links is almost zero.

To conclude we must say that registering a site in lots of catalogues will not increase PageRank as they have more than 5 outbound links as a rule.

Lately there appeared services proposing to put your link on their heavyweight page for some money (heavyweight page is one with a high PageRank – 8-9)

But the main thing is next: do useful sites and its PageRank will be raised without exchange.

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