Factors affecting PageRank

  1. Frequent site updates don’t raise PageRank automatically.
  2. A high PageRank can’t guarantee high positions in search results.
  3. The DMOZ and the Yahoo! catalogues don’t raise PageRank automatically.
  4. .edu and .gov sites don’t raise PageRank automatically.
  5. Other pages may have higher PageRank than the front page.
  6. The Wikipedia site links don’t raise PageRank automatically.
  7. The links with the ‘nofollow’ attribute don’t affect PageRank.
  8. Effective inner links affect PageRank.
  9. Topical site links have even greater affection.
  10. The text used in a link can often be of greater importance than the PageRank of the linked page.
  11. Outgoing and incoming links to good topical sites are very useful for your PageRank.
  12. Several same links are considered as one.
  13. Site may be banned for the links to the banned sites.

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